Are you confused about what it is you are supposed to be doing in life?

You feel confused on what "it" is but you know it's more than you are doing now.

There is a dormant YOU ready to come forward.

I know you are tired of numbing out and living smaller than you know you are capable of.  I was there and for much longer than was necessary.

It doesn't have to be hard. It's about listening...simply. Being heard is medicine.

Hearing yourself is the medicine.

Your intuition is your magical power.

You do not have to be confused.

Clarity is right around the corner. 

I provide pathways for you to listen. I am an interpreter, translator and clarifier

but you must walk the pathway.

And I know you will. I work with very committed people with big hearts.

Our sessions are collaborative and empowering, highly intuitive and customized for you.

Working together we will take an embodied healing approach using tools like tarot, energy work, yoga, breathwork and ritual to get to the truth of our intuition. You will work with your shadow, your light and your dreams deeply and practically. This is no woo will break through blocks and get started on some specific goals. 

People I have worked with have...

  • Learned strategies to listen and act on their intuition.

  • Stopped numbing out and become truly connected to their bodies.

  • Found meaningful and purposeful work.

  • Left toxic relationships.

  • Created better self-care strategies. 

  • And the biggest thing of all...they have started truly living lives they want.

Are you ready to move from being a confused,  stuck dreamer with big ideas to an emboldened, embodied dreamer with a plan?