Are you confused about what it is you are supposed to be doing in life?

You feel confused on what "it" is but you know it's more than you are doing now.

There is a dormant YOU ready to come forward.

You do not have to be confused Constantly.

Clarity is right around the corner and will always be around the corner once you accept that you are pretty damn wise.  

Being heard is medicine.

Hearing yourself is the medicine.

Hearing your intuition is your magical power.

I was tired of numbing out and living smaller than I knew I was capable of.  I took whatever came my way thinking that's all I deserved. I still get confused sometimes but it takes me days not years to get clear and because I learned how to do something we all know as children...we know what we want and we know how to trust it. 

 This is why this work is so important to me. Someone very special to me helped me start listening to myself deeply and I will always remember that moment. It's how I measure other moments of clarity. It's that moment that I knew I deserved to give more and that my community deserved more of actually me instead of what I thought they wanted.

I have many teachers and many of them are peers but all of them have one thing in common...they listen and then they inspire me to listen to myself.

That is my goal in my work with you...simply to provide pathways for listening. I am an interpreter, translator and clarifier but you must walk the pathway.

By healing the microcosm of ourselves we heal the macrocosm in powerful, intentional ways.

It is the most important life purpose to heal yourself and to continue healing yourself.

Working together we will take an embodied healing approach using tools like tarot, energy work, yoga, breathwork and ritual to get to the truth of our intuition. You will work with your shadow, your light and your dreams deeply and practically. This is no woo will break through blocks and get started on some specific goals. 

Our sessions are collaborative and empowering, highly intuitive and customized for you.

People I have worked with have...

Learned strategies to listen and act on their intuition.

Stopped numbing out and become truly connected to their bodies.

Found meaningful and purposeful work.

Left toxic relationships.

Created better self-care strategies. 

And the biggest thing of all...they have started truly living lives they want.

Kind Words: 

" I had my first session with Rosemary today and feel amazing afterward! She used yoga and reiki to help me gain insight and clarity on some issues in my life that have been causing me anxiety and stress." Candice, Yoga Teacher, Animal Activist and Future Nurse

"What Rosemary was able to provide was beyond anything I could have expected. In the time we spent we were able to dig really deep into aspects of my business and family life. I was so amazed at the things that just kept coming up." Jolene, Commercial Real Estate Agent and Mother

"I've been going through a lot of mental hardship lately. I was wanting to get any sort of guidance to help myself. I went in with an open mind without expectations having not experienced Tarot or Reiki before. I was absolutely amazed with how the results came out. Afterward, I felt centered with a clearer mindset" Brea, Salon Owner and Fur Mother

"Rosemary is on point with her gifts, she is kind and warm-hearted & tells you exactly what you need to hear for that push in the right direction! She gives you the tools & break down on how to integrate them into your daily life! She is a calm force!" Lauren, Healer

"Rosemary is compassionate and intuitive and I so appreciate her guidance." Sarah, Teacher, Activist

Are you ready to move from being a confused,  stuck dreamer with big ideas to an emboldened, embodied dreamer with a plan?