Start here to transform your life in practical and powerful ways with Intuitive Healing and Guidance.



Integrating mind, body and spirit to create intuitively driven goals is what my work with you is all about. After working together you will have a firmer ground to stand on rooted in knowing yourself even better, make better decisions and live more authentically. 

The kind of things I have helped people with are:

  • Ending toxic relationships.

  • Finding careers that they are passionate about.

  • Stepping into leadership roles in their communities.

  • Creating self-care strategies and personal ritual.

Things to know: 

  • I require that we talk through email or phone before we work together. This consultation is FREE and 30 minutes.

  • From there we co-create individualized packages to match your needs.

  • Some tools I use are Reiki, Tarot and Yoga. 

  • I am not a licensed therapist! My work is a great compliment to therapy but I cannot legally diagnose you or treat you for any health condition.

  • That being said I stand completely behind my work and the work of other healers. This work is powerful.

*I believe fully in accessibility. If you are in a tough financial situation please reach out, particularly if you are single parent, have a chronic illness, or any other reason that makes it tough for you to make a living. I can work with you.*


Check in here. 


I offer single sessions for returning clients only. After we've gotten to know each other and worked through some things you may want to check in from time to time. I can see you in my office located in Kansas City, MO or Online for 30, 60 or 90 minutes.
*Please check in with me if you'd like me to put together a new package for you.You will save some money by booking more than one together. 

Events? Workshops? Couples?


  • Workshops and Team Building-Do you want to connect with your group on a whole new level? I provide customized team building sessions just for your group. Let's Talk!

  • Events-I will provide a service of Tarot Readings, Yoga or Mini Reiki Healing Sessions at your next event. I often collaborate with others to make your event special so the possibilities are endless. Let's Talk!

  • Couples-Connect deeper. I provide customized sessions for you and your partner(s). I am LGBTQ supportive and open to working in any kind of relationship.  Let's Talk!