Transform your life in practical and powerful ways...

I am a certified Holistic Life Coach and I have a Bachelor's in Public Health. I also am certified to teach yoga and do Reiki. You could say that I'm a little obsessed with personal development...I always have been. The thing is though that you are your best teacher. Sometimes though we get lost, need support and tools. This is where I come in. I can be your support as you create the life you want listening to your own intuition. My sessions are completely customized to your needs with tools that I have found powerful in my own life; Reiki, Ritual, Tarot, and Yoga. 

The system I use is simple...

We Notice.

As a Certified Holistic Life Coach, I am equipped to help you set goals to move forward in practical ways by working with you holistically and integrating your knowledge in mind, body and spirit. As a tarot practitioner, I can help you unlock things that your subconscious may have been storing away. We talk about where you've been and where you want to go using these two powerful tools. With my help you dig, make connections and make new resolutions to move forward to let go what is in your way.

The first session with me will include your tarot birth cards and your card of the year. I may also suggest other testing, such as MBTI to support your goals. I've designed several tarot spreads to anchor our session such as a birthday mandala for your year ahead, a core reading to help in times of transition, career and life purpose reading or a deep dive into integrating shadow self. I can also design a spread just for you. I've been known to do this on the spot when necessary. Most of my clients have never had a tarot reading but are pleasantly surprised with the results. 

We Embody.

As a trained yoga teacher, I have made my main focus working through emotions with yoga. I cannot deny the power yoga has had in my life. There is something that happens when we move with the intention of transformation. I will guide you through a movement practice and breathing during this part of our session. This work is not about the physical practice really. It's about stretching emotionally and integrating the body into the spiritual and emotional work. There will be options to challenge yourself in this way but also options not to do things you are uncomfortable with. It could be as simple as learning to breath or doing things like naming your fears and slashing through them with a metaphorical knife. As your guide it is my place to pick appropriate movement for your goals and energy helping you feel safe and challenged. 

After we move, we will discuss again anything that comes up for you. Then we end our session with Reiki and rest. Reiki is energy work that will help balance you and heal any parts of you that need healing. The healing does not come from me, rather it comes from an energy that already exists. I merely provide a way for it to you. You are also part of the healing with your own energy. I think of this process as a feedback loop. I wish I knew how it worked exactly, but I don't. All I know is that is works. The best thing to do is to try it and see for yourself. Science is even starting to back it up. 

We Process.

All of my sessions include a followup email packed full of resources for after your visit. This email includes a notes of your session, photos of your tarot cards and a personalized chakra chart with notes on how to work with each energy. If you work with me online, you get a video of our session and audio or video if you choose in person. Then I check in a month to see how you are doing. 

I can work with you in person in Kansas City, MO or online through Zoom. Our first session together is 90 minutes. Followup sessions, once our relationship is established, are available for 60 or 90 minutes.

Customized email guidance is also available. The email guidance is in the same format as the followup for other sessions, so you receive photos of your tarot cards with customized suggestions and personalized chakra chart. 

I believe fully in accessibility. If you are in a tough financial situation please reach out, particularly if you are single parent, have a chronic illness, or any other reason that makes it tough for you to make a living. I am willing to trade, do sliding scale or  even do a full scholarship to my course.