That ONE Thing Exercise: Designing a Reasonable Self-Care Strategy

For many of us Self-Care becomes yet another thing to master and to become really good at. The problem is that we want to good at it in this overwhelming way sometimes. We read somewhere that this or that thing is a magic bullet for productivity. Even self-care becomes a means to be what we refer to as a productive member of society. But what if we start with the big picture...what do WE REALLY WANT? It usually boils down to ONE main thing...maybe TWO things...NEVER more than three...not really. When we are honest, not worried about how it looks we really want ONE thing. The one thing I want for example is yeah of course I want to help people...but I could do that in LOTS of ways...what I want is to be completely autonomous and free in how I help people and how I live my life. When I look at my authentic goals...that's it. I don't want to work for someone else's vision my whole life. I want to invest in mine. So that really clarifies things. If I didn't check in I would say things like have a steady job where I got a paycheck regularly. That is truly not one of my values. I used to think working at a nonprofit was the only way I could impact and help others...I mean it was easier to explain to others, but when I was truly honest I knew that I need to teach from a much more vulnerable place. So my goals align from taking on extra volunteering roles or roles at my job to focusing on things like this...on things that are so close to me that it's nauseating sometimes. Yep. So my ONE thing is clarified. It doesn't matter if I read all the matter more if I read a book on how to manage money or build better tools for you all. It doesn't matter if I do a triathlon or hike a big trail...not right now anyway. So use this video to help you clarify and if you want the printable to go along with this video join my group!

Taken from my Self-Care Live in my group Healing Party on Facebook. We are a group of idealistic, do it all types, so what if we changed that for a week even? We want to focus on ONE thing...for now that will help us reach our ONE goal and support us along the way.