Activating Your Intuitive Magic

Watch the video with guided intuition activation included!

Sometimes intuition is seen as this magical cloak that only certain people are gifted with. Sometimes we envision psychics, crystal balls or we think that tools like Tarot are only meant for these kind of people. That or we know that we are intuitive, but we think we were only given a degree of intuition to work with. I believe intuition is a skill and a practical one that we can build. Yes it is our spiritual connection but it does not necessarily need to be tied to any god to use it. This blog and video below is about activating your intuitive magic.

Intuition: The ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning.

Immediately. I would replace that with presently. Intuition works not in the past nor the future but the present. Yes it draws from our experiences and yes it informs the future but it works in the present. It speaks to us when we aren’t mulling over either.

Being presence builds our intuition.

How do we build it then?

It starts by realizing that you are intuitive. So maybe start by saying it until you believe it and acknowledge that you are building it.

I am intuitive.

I am building my intuition everyday.

activating your intuition.png

Your intuition does not speak some super spiritual (whatever that means) language that is outside of you. Your intuition speaks in your language. A big hint on how your intuition might speak to you is by how you learn and take in information. Is it visually? Do you have to write to understand? Hearing? Talking through ideas? Your intuition is not overly critical nor is it over fluffy. When you hear an idea (or see, whatever) it will sound like you.

The only way to build your intuition is by meditating...yep...BUT meditation is not crossing your legs with mala beads (unless that is your thing). Meditation clears out the clutter in the brain and allows for presence. where intuition speaks. So to meditate, meditate in your language. You can write, walk, shower, bath, use tarot cards, dream intentionally, speak your ideas out loud. There are so many ways. Maybe the first practice in your intuition is doing what is nudging you right now. Commit to that practice daily and watch your intuition grow!

But don’t just sit there! If you are given insight, express gratitude and act. It is likely that your intuition either gave you something gigantic or something very small. Act in whatever way is possible and if it’s something huge this is where your brain comes in and your daily practice. Write out steps you think it would take to get to this big thing and check in daily to make sure you are on the right path. Engagement with the vision you are given only makes it more clear.

And when we are tapped into our intuition, it can inform our self-care, how we eat, exercise, how we run our business or family…so many things.

Intuition is a life skill.

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