Intuitive Self Care with Tarot: The Star

Me too.

The gravity, the importance and the life altering power of these two words cannot be overestimated.

When I typed me too, I realized it was almost easy because it felt like another person had been through the things that I have. It lightened my load to know I wasn’t alone and even in all of my feminist and public health studies, I still felt alone. I know the statistics. I know why people don’t report.

How many of us have kept quiet and brushed it off as just being part of what our lives is? Not anymore.

As we share that we too have endured suffering and pain, we are healing the collective.

Vulnerability is not easy.

Every week I struggle for a bit, wanting to puke after I share so deeply. I share though because I feel like our stories are powerful. Healing happens both inside of the island of ourselves, but also by us pouring forth what we have learned from the time on our island. Feelings of isolation are dangerous and only reinforce shame. Sharing our stories (even saying Me Too) is taking power away from that shame.

I’ve also been reflecting on what healing is and the power dynamics of healing. There is this idea that healing is all on the individual. If you would just try harder, you too could be healed. We forget, I forget, that suffering is systemic. There is much stacked against us, some of us more so than others. So healing must happen in the collective. It must happen with activism. Healing happens in the uncomfortable, in the muck, the ick. The manufacturing of love and light as the only way to healing is dangerous. It is dangerous even to make love and light our goal. We are complex beings made of both darkness and light. We are hell and we are heaven. It is human.

“Love and Light is meaningless without Truth and Justice” Layla Saad from Wild Mystic Woman

I come to you as a wounded healer, a teacher not because you can’t heal yourself. I feel like it is my role to guide you to your own wisdom. I cannot help but to teach. I heal myself by teaching. It is my part of the healing the collective.

This week we examine the Star and we examine healing. As you can see the topic is complex.

The Star

The Star from Universal Rider Waite Smith


Element: Air

Number: 17

Chakras: Heart and Throat

Mantras for the Star

Ways to Practice Healing:

1. Ritual Baths I used to really dislike baths, but then I made them into a meditative practice. One plus about that is I get bothered way less if I'm in the bath then meditating in a room. This is a huge plus for parents! What makes it a ritual? Um…saying it is? That’s my opinion anyway!

2. Journaling. If you've worked with me before that something I always suggest is always and honestly every time we work together. The spreads I have been creating for you to try out are ideally journaling prompts too.

3. Getting in a circle either in real life or online to heal collectively. So a lot of us said "Me Too" this past imagine that kind of energy with the same circle of people. Imagine how far you could heal yourself and those around you?

4. Energy Work! This has been one of the biggest ways I got more healing. For an over-thinker like me, getting into the body of the pain is so important. Receiving has been hard for me and so laying on a table or sitting across from someone doing this work on me actually was very difficult. I thankfully have worked with people who understood this and were so nurturing. Often I will remind a client that they are safe and to receive. That might be the first half of the session. It’s hard to receive. Energy Work is a shortcut from my experience. Energy work is so many things too so find the best and safest one for you. Some examples: yoga, tarot readings, Reiki, breath work, etc. I combine many of these intuitively. It is very individual. That is the power in it.

5. Take a walk. Keep it simple. There is something truly magical about a walk in silence or a walk talking to a good friend. It is the oldest medicine I use. It’s been with me since day one and has never failed me. And if walking is inaccessible for you do what you can to get a window open, to be on a porch. NOTE AND UPDATE: Since autoimmune disease starting attacking me hardcore, I have realized how ablelist my speech is. Walking has literally been impossible for me several times in 2018. BUT IF you are able to walk…DO IT. I do it as much as possible but I know it isn’t for everyone.

6. Tarot (obviously) Though Tarot does make one think a lot, it gets to another part of the brain, the subconscious. I do tarot exercises with people in person, as well as tarot readings through email. Tarot has been to me like a shortcut to digging things up.

Here is the tarot spread for The Star:

The Star Card Tarot Spread by Rosemary Barria

The Star Card Tarot Spread by Rosemary Barria

If you do not have a deck, then use these as journaling prompts!

A little explanation:
1. I would use the Star here pick a card consciously, by looking at it for a card that represents healing to you.

2. Healing takes on different forms at different times. If we listen to ourselves, we know what medicine we need when. 

3. Is there anyone or any group in your community that could help you with your healing? Is there a certain book or course that could help you? 

4. Suffering and healing are systematic. Look at deeper issues at play here and take some of the blame and pressure off yourself and get a bigger picture.

5. Though when you are deep in healing it may not be a wise idea to put yourself out there, but for me sharing my story and helping others actually reinforces my healing. What does that look like for you now. Healing is collective.