Intuitive Self-Care with Tarot: The Empress

I was literally on bed rest at 27 weeks pregnant struggling to finish final projects in order to get my Public Health degree. The only thing that interrupted my studies was if I was in labor yet again or my son was once again at risk and needed to be monitored. I was forced to lie still for hours, days in bed. Those who know me, know that this is my version of hell.

I did end up graduating, though I never celebrated it. My son was born at 28 weeks and things were terrifying and surreal. My life became very small and focused...on him and me. That’s it. He was a teacher from the moment he was born. His name...Sage is so very appropriate. There was a boldness about him even then. I mean it isn’t easy to endure all that preemies endure!

I felt something else being born inside of me too, a boldness like my little baby had. I developed a will to survive but more; like him I wanted to surpass expectations.

Lying still, waiting and wondering was the beginning of a rite of passage into motherhood and into a new realm of creativity in myself.  I have never experienced such creative openness in my life...and I went to one of the best art schools in the

I am not saying all people need to have babies to find themselves again, but I will say that often creativity comes from things unplanned, constraints. Inspiration to live beyond what is expected comes from little 3 pound 4 oz ideas that seem to take over your life and demand more from you.

The Empress

The Empress is the mother who makes the most out of any circumstance. She is always grateful. Everything she touches grows to its best capacity. She is what blooms around her, what she tastes, smells, sees, hears and feels. She is the nurturer of all creatures, including herself.

She is life itself.

She accepts miracles even if she can’t explain it. She doesn’t ask what she’s done to earn abundance. She creates out even more of immense gratitude to the Earth she gets to walk on.

The Empress

The Empress in Rider Waite Smith

The Empress in Rider Waite Smith


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Mantras for The Empress

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