Intuitive Self-Care with Tarot: The Magician

Each week I plan to release a mini self care program using the tarot. It will be like a mini hero’s or fool’s journey I hope. The fool’s journey is the journey that we take through life, though it is often not linear. Each card represents an archetype, an energy, a way that you are viewing the world or can view the world. The major arcana in tarot are a visualization of this journey in life. It is a journey through self discovery and growth. I will be using the Motherpeace deck with this series.  It is a beautiful deck and easy to apply self care to.

If you read about the Fool last time, then you saw a person starting out. This person had no idea of what would happen next and the possibilities were endless. There was an excitement about the Fool. The Fool was possibly naive and may have fallen into some beginner mistakes. It’s all play though. Mistakes are truly a way to learn. The Fool is like a baby learning how to walk in a lot of ways. The Fool is like a kid beginning school

Now we move onto the Magician. The Magician is realizing what they can do. They are realizing what tools they have. They are receiving their power, getting to know it and themselves. They have come a long way since their Fool days. So how do we work with the energy of the Magician?

Element: Earth

The Magician is grounded and knows how to manifest incredible vision into reality.

Before digging in deeper with the Magician stop and ground yourself. The easiest way to do this is to lay down or sit in the ground or even better walk barefoot on earth.  Sabrina at Witch Bitch Elixirs has prepared a grounding blend to support your meditation grounding work. Her blend of clary sage, lavender, and peppermint provide calming and clarity which is a perfect way to start off. Sabrina is a Kansas City business owner that I have the pleasure of collaborating for this series and hopefully more in the future! You can find her on Instagram, Facebook and she takes email orders for her oils.

Sabrina the Essential Oil Witch  @witchbitchelixirs

Sabrina the Essential Oil Witch @witchbitchelixirs

Number: One

The Magician is confident. She consistently evaluating her next move and  improving on her work. 

Chakra: Ajna, Third Eye

On a basic level the ajna or third eye chakra is about your vision for life. This is perfect for the Magician whose vision is always being expanded.

Stones and Crystal Support:

Thanks to Olga at Hand in Hand Love out of Chicago and Etsy, we will have stones and crystals to support each major archetype. She put a lot of care in choosing each stone or crystal for us. I met Olga and her sisters years ago in Chicago and am so happy to be collaborating with her for this project and more. Olga is a reiki master who makes healing jewelry using her vast knowledge of their healing properties. You can find her on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram.

Her Magician Stone Picks are:

Citrine: Self-Confidence, Self Esteem, Concentration and Energy

Tigers Eye: Calm, Clarity, Emotional Balance, Self Confidence, Creativity, Communication, Intuition

Clear Quartz: Energy, Master Healer, Harmony, Protection, Infinite Possibilites

For beautiful pictures and more detailed information check out her instagram.

Your mantras as a Magician:

I do KNOW.

I can make SOMETHING out of ANYTHING.



You are the Magician. You have taken time to gain knowledge and become wise to the ways of the world. You have balanced the spiritual realms and the physical realms. You see no difference. As above so below.  You are never lacking the tools you need to get what you want done because you can use anything. You are a master at making whatever you have magical. You are aware of your skills, your talents and your resources. You use them to do your best work by bringing what in unconscious, conscious.


Here are some questions to ask yourself:


Visioning and scripting are powerful tools to enhance your vision. I wrote about this last time. Here to expand this exercise dig a little deeper. Is there something you want that you feel guilty about wanting? I’ll give you an example. Since I was a kid, I wanted to teach. I have always taught in various ways looking back. Teaching is actually the best way I learn. It took me until now to accept that this is what I want. I want to guide and teach. I felt I wasn’t worthy of being a teacher. I put teachers of all kinds on pedestals, not thinking I could match up. If you did the scripting exercise last time, read back on it. Dig out things that you want.

Another way to do figure out what you want is to look at who you admire, even...gulp...who you envy. This may give you a big clue of what you want. I admire bold, wise, creative teachers. This is what I want to be.

Lastly track your mood after doing certain tasks throughout the day. See this as an experiment. Are there certain things that you do that make you feel ill. Even better is there anything that excites you, energizes you. Ask those closest to you what they think about this, about you. What makes you excited for no other reason than that. Journal this week on that.


All circumstances are temporary. This is big and I didn’t believe this forever. I actually thought it was elitist nonsense to be honest, but looking back at the mess my life has been at times. It was temporary. It built resilience and empathy in me if nothing else. I learned that life moves on. Our circumstances are not choice of course. Resilience. Empathy. Perception. These are choice. Once you know what you want, it changes your perception and gives you focus to get what you want out of life. You create your own life brick by brick. Your wants can change. Your circumstances can change, but you keep building.


A lot of times when we are trying to bring something new or more into our lives, we only think of what we don't have. The magician only focus on what she has now and how she can bring more from that. The Magician remembers thatcircumstances are temporary. She looks at what she has now from the depth of her intuition and forms what she wants out of it.

I searched and searched for my life it’s a static thing… (I don’t believe it is) and it was a prison. Instead I live a more intuitive life. It doesn’t mean I don’t work hard or don’t think about the future because I can’t help but do that. What it means is that I look at what draws my curiosity. I listen to my gut. I look at what is available to me now...and yeah this one is tough for me because I am very stubborn once I get an idea in my head.

We have been raised to believe that all tools and skills must have a tangible, consumable output. Lots of times our skills and curiosities don’t fitso we deny them. It’s why a lot of us don’t think we are creative. We are all creative though and our very lives are our creation. I took the Strengths Test while in search for my life purpose when seeing a career counselor. My strengths were Input. Learning. Connection. I had no idea how I would use those strengths, but it was the first time I saw my constant need for information and connecting as valuable. This test cost some money, but I highly suggest it. Another helpful thing to know is your MBTI. I am an INFJ and it explained a lot. It was actually very liberating so I highly suggest that too. Even writing what you are good at on paper can be useful. Again asking for input from those around you could be really insightful.

Strengths Test

Free MBTI Test


Some skills we have don’t translate immediately into something tangible. It makes one feel like a lost soul. So how can we be creative when using our tools?  When I was growing up, on New Year’s Eve if you wanted to travel, you got suitcases and went outside with them at midnight. This was a symbol of traveling. The year I did that I felt pretty silly, but I did end up traveling out of the country! As above so below is what the Magician urges us to remember. I challenge us to do rituals that mimic what we want in real life. At the very least this practice gets us in the mindset to manifest these things for ourselves. I don’t know what that looks like for you, but I would love to hear what you come up with. It’d be a great way to practice your innate intuition and creativity.