Intuitive Self-Care with Tarot: The Hermit

In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.
— Albert Camus

I used to find it pretty easy to find solitude and withdraw from the world. I mean I'm kind of getting older now and this may prove it...if I needed a few days in solitude to write, make art or even just think; I would unplug my land line from the wall. One time it had been so long that friends threw small rocks at my window trying to make sure I was alive. Every Sunday I would make myself a fancy meal, drink wine and because I was a pretentious early 20s woman, I would watch a foreign or independent film. I was not that into social media and most of my friends weren't either.

Now things are very different, even before I had this business, I found it necessary to announce when I was taking breaks from Facebook; which of course breaks from Facebook are rare. I never thought I owed someone that announcement before. I love connecting and I love community. I am one social introvert when I want to be, but I need my solitude. Extroverts need solitude too..believe it or not. This solitude that I readily found weekly and seasonally is almost unheard of now. It's odd because I actually socialize in person much less. I know I'm not an odd case either. More of us get on social media for connection and we get nearly instant access to people with things in common with us. We get access to people who get us. We get access to aesthetics we truly vibe with. We get almost instant feedback with hearts, comments or laughs. How can we pry ourselves from that? 

Now that I have this business that is more online than in person, I feel the need to be even more connected. What would happen if I took a week off? It's a true concern BUT this is what I have already scheduled in 2018, purposeful breaks. Why? Because again solitude is necessary. Social Media is addictive and at times toxic. Being "on" all the time, filtering myself into digestible being on these platforms is exhausting. Don't you feel it sometimes? And again the benefits of the internet are great! I have met people that have changed my life as far away as Australia. I mean that's pretty damn cool. I got a lot out of my in person connections in my younger years too, but I also intuitively knew when to take a break. The winter is a great time to withdraw. I plan on focusing on my in person relationships even more and maybe even having a weekly day of solitude. Maybe some of you want to join me? Maybe I'll make it a challenge. :)

So this is what The Hermit is all about...withdrawing to learn more about herself; to find peace; to rest; to get back on track. Solitude. It make The Hermit a better teacher and leader to withdraw to others and a leader of her own life. 

The Hermit

The Crone from Motherpeace

The Crone from Motherpeace

Element: Earth

Number: Nine

Chakras: Third Eye

Mantras for The Hermit:

Ideas For Finding Solitude: 

1. Take a break from social media one day a week.

2. Have a silent day once a week. No phone, computer, netlix. Only speak to people you must speak to.

3. Take a seasonal detox from social media.

4. Integrate even five minutes of solitude daily.

5. Let yourself get bored when waiting in line. Don't check your phone.

Ideas of What to Do During Moments of Solitude.

1. Walk 

2. Read a book that will help your growth.

3. Create something you've been meaning to create.

4. Journal.

5. Deep spiritual practice.

Use following spread with tarot or oracle cards and/or use them as journaling prompts:

Tarot Spread by Rosemary Barria for The Hermit

Tarot Spread by Rosemary Barria for The Hermit