Intuitive Self-Care with Tarot: Temperance

I talk a lot about shadow work, a lot of us reader healer types it’s so easy and not complex at all, but oh it is. There are ugly parts of me that I’ve had to comes to terms with but there is a danger to avoid that those parts of me exist or existed. Avoidance and pretending that we have transcended our ugliness stalls our growth and makes us fall into perfectionism and perfectionism freezes us. So I have found that the most important thing I can do is integrate these parts of ourselves.

Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself. I am large and I contain multitudes.
— Walt Whitman


With white knuckles we grip so tightly onto an identity because it is our foundation and when we do something at odds with this proclaimed identity, our foundations shifts below us. That is never a good feeling. So it becomes a practice to notice our behaviors and to examine them as an outsider. I'll give you an embarassing example I have been an angry person...a very angry person in my life. Anger is something that I rarely show but it's there. I'm the kind of person that watches Democracy Now and yells at people on the screen. (Hence...why I no longer watch much of it...I don't want to scare my toddler)  I am also the kind of person that used to get angry over my plans not going my way or that my partner forgot to put flea medicine on our fur babies. Now as I work as a healer, spiritual type person I am like "oh I musn't get angry" There is a shadow side of my anger for sure, but the anger also shows how passionate I am. It shows how important justice is to me. I just have to pick my battles concoiously. I am not all love and light all the time. Sometimes I am thorns and screaming. It's all me. So that is what I mean by integration. Transmuting something shameful into something that can be used as a tool. But also allowing the screams, the hideous to surface in ways that heal you.  


Some will say that Santosha: Contentment, an Niyama in the Pantajali's Yoga Sutras is to approach everything with positivity and yeah to a certain extent...yes, but again it's a fine line between that and avoidance. So contentment to me is about acceptance . It's about finding peace with whatever is happening and being ok about it. It's letting whatever must surface, surface. Santosha is being completely satisfied now. It's looking at all your debt and accepting it, paying it off as you can. It's looking at your toddlers wet shirt that you just changed and just changing the shirt. Santosha. It's a gratitude practice. What is going well? What is happening NOW? It's refusing to be a victim to what is and instead become a hacker of your destiny. What can you do now? Maybe accept it for now. Victim mentality is dangerous because it keeps you stuck. I mean how can you move forward if "everything is working against you" sheesh...

This is what Temperance is to me. It's the divine internal balance. It's balancing ourselves and finding harmony with the ugly, the beautiful and the wants, the needs and the haves. Temperance is there to remind us of our complexities and of our depths. It's about finding flow in the midst of chaos and being Santosha. And the thing is the more you overthink it, the more out of balance you become. It's like dancing or riding a bike. It's like anything you have to find flow with. 

Just be.


Temperance from Motherpeace

Temperance from Motherpeace

Element: Fire

Number: Fourteen

Chakras: Root and Crown

Mantras for Temperance:

Use following spread with tarot or oracle cards and/or use them as journaling prompts:

Tarot Spread for Temperance