Intuitive Self Care with Tarot: The Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands with her gut full of fire runs toward her creativity and passion. Confident and courageous, she will enact whatever she dreams up regardless of what is stacked against her. One might ask what creativity has to do with self care, especially they are under the misguided notion that they are not creative. What does this have to do with you? 

We are ALL creative.

ALL of us.

It is what makes us human…to create.

Queen of Staves from The Goddess Tarot

Queen of Staves from The Goddess Tarot

The Queen of Wands intuits through her gut. Her intuition speaks to her through her ideas and visions. She realizes ideas are gifts from her higher self and never doubts that. She will use her magic to enact the ideas and knows when she has done enough. She acts when it's time to act and doesn't ruminate.

“Clarity comes from engagement not thought”
— Marie Forleo

The black cat represents this magic to bring forth the hidden and make it seen. She is not flighty as you might think, note the steady ground she is on. She can actually be pretty stubborn, but this tenacity creates everything she visions. The wand is her magic wand that she points at and directs herself to what she desires. She teaches us the seriousness of play.


Keywords: Passion, Pleasure, Creativity, Sensing Location in the

Body: Pelvic Area

Color: Orange

Mantra: VAM (To be said out loud to open up this Chakra)

Crystals to use: Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye, Citrine, Coral, Moonstone

Smells: Clary Sage, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Fennel

Flowers and Herbs: Calendula, Daisies, Chamomile, Sunflowers

Foods: Citrus, Fennel, Mint, Apricot, Raspberries


I associate the Sacral Chakra with the Queen of Wands because the Sacral Chakra is the core of our creativity. The Sacral Chakra also is associated with our sexuality. Creativity and sexuality are really rooted in the same energy. The sacral chakra sends us visions and ideas without editing. The sacral chakra makes art. It creates.

We can work with the Sacral Chakra through being as free as possible to make room for new ideas and vision. We can do this by free writing, collaging, experimenting with movement. Really the idea here is to be as open as possible to receive, to shift perspective. Then make it happen. So to engage with this chakra we are constantly open to the new but to know when to reign in the freedom to get to work. We also need the confidence to act, especially if our ideas are “out there” This is where the Solar Plexus comes in.


Keywords: Power, Confidence, Identity, Expression

Location in the Body: Abdomen

Color: Yellow Mantra: RAM (To be said out loud to open up this Chakra)

Crystals to use: Calcite, Citrine, Amber, Yellow Tourmaline, Yellow Jasper

Smells: Lemongrass, Myrrh, Coriander

Flowers and Herbs: Ginger, Goldenrod, Milk Thistle, Goldenrod Foods: Lemon, Ginger, Mint, Turmeric, Dandelion Tea


I associate the Sacral Chakra with the Queen of Wands because the Solar Plexus Chakra is the source of confidence, will power and achievement. The sacral chakra sends us raw visions and ideas but the Solar Plexus helps us make it a reality. The Solar Plexus gets the steps written out and acts. The Solar Plexus gives us the confidence to act and be seen. We can work with the Solar Plexus by acting on our visions.

But we can also start by being aware of what we think about ourselves and how we speak to ourselves.

How do we engage with our power?

Self-love and creation are forever tied.

I did an entire course on Self-Care using the four queens of tarot!