Intuitive Self Care with Tarot: The Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups is all about emotional life and matters of the heart. When she is working at her best she feels things as a strong yes or no and deeply in her heart. She intuites things and doesn’t feel like she has to explain her why.

Her heart knows.

She is gentle with herself and with others, but her boundaries are strong. She is the queen that shows us how to truly care for ourselves.  She never rushes and she never stifles. All emotions are roads to truth.

The Queen of Cups is a teacher and leader of emotions and intuition. When we look at this Queen of Cups we can see her feet not quiet touching the water but she may let it wash over her with no worries. She does not force her environment, but lives at one with it The element associated with her is water and the flow of life is something she is in tune with always. She is aware of her needs and finds her way through introspection.

She does not look ahead or out, but in.

The cup she holds represents this inner work and it is beautiful and ornamented from each emotion she has let herself feel; from each experience she allowed to shape her. The other queens learn from her to check in with themselves. She guides them to true compassion. She teaches how to welcome all emotions, even rage, sadness, elation...all of them.

Queen of Cups from the Universal Waite Tarot

Queen of Cups from the Universal Waite Tarot

Element: Water

Chakra: Heart

Keywords: Compassion, Love, Devotion

Location in the Body: Center of sternum

Color: Green

Mantra: YAM (say aloud to open up work with this Chakra)

Crystals to use: Rose Quartz, Turquoise, Green Aventurine, 

Smells: Rose, Geranium, Lavender, Jasmine

Flowers and Herbs: Roses, Hibiscus, Green Tea

Foods: Drink green tea, green foods especially nourishing foods, warm soup

We can work with the heart chakra by journaling, crying, expressing other emotions, chest opening yoga, loving kindness meditation. When working with the queen we start by asking our heart what it needs each morning, each evening and throughout the day.

Ask your heart. What do you need? What do you want? Give into the heart’s desires.

According to Abraham Maslow’s theory after body and safety needs are meet, love and belonging needs can be met. These must be met before moving on to other needs according to Maslow. I tend to see these less linearly. You need to eat and sleep, love yourself before you can become a leader that doesn’t get burned out most days, right?

The World Health Organization has stated that social inclusion and community is a basic determinant of health.

Connection healing in itself.

We are all capable of compassion and once we exercise it with ourselves, it is healthy and expected that we contribute our compassion with others. The Queen of Cups has no shortage for compassion.

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