Intuitive Self-Care and Tarot: The Fool

Fool from Motherpeace Tarot

Fool from Motherpeace Tarot

This is the beginning of a series that is a mini self care program using intuitive self-care. It will be like a mini hero’s or fool’s journey. The fool’s journey is the journey that we take through life, though it is often not linear. Each card represents an archetype, an energy, a way that you are viewing the world or can view the world. The major arcana in tarot are a visualization of this journey in life. It is a journey through self discovery and growth. I will be using the Motherpeace deck with this series.  I think it is beautiful and easy to apply self care to.

We begin this week with zero, zed, the fool.

Element Air
Number Zero
Chakra Crown

You are starting out, to you there are infinite possibilities. You have a beginner’s mind. The divine within that we all have within us isn’t too far from your mind or your heart. The inner child goes off naively but beautifully into the world. What the higher self and soul desires are not too far from your mind. You are without yet all the mess of conditioning. You can do whatever you want.

 Be cautious of not flying too far too fast because that’s how you get eaten up by this world. Instead take bold steps and then stop for a second before taking more.  

 How do we care for ourselves as a fool?

Be Open

Your imagination and creativity are especially vivid right now. It’s a great time to visualize and journal by scripting. Scripting is a practice of letting yourself dream very specifically of the future. You journal how you feel, how things look and feel around you, even down to smell. I did a walkthrough visualization and scripting exercise for you here! I like to do this before I do something I’m nervous about or when I’m feeling really dreamy with no clear direction. It’s also a great way to sort out what you really want, especially when everything around you looks so magical. It’s also a safe play place for you to try out ideas and lives.

Embrace your lack of knowing and use it as a reason to play. Try new things without committing too much just yet. Shadow or apprentice  with people who are doing things that interest you. Ask them questions like a child would. Try new classes. Watch youtube videos of things that catch your eye.

Explore a new place where you live, especially if you can walk without music and just in awe of things around you.. Go somewhere by yourself. A museum, a hiking trail, or bookstore will be really conducive to your sense seeking. Indulge your senses in any other way you can. Travel in small or big ways. Travel through books, dreamwork or film.

Since I am a yoga teacher, I will also be including some practices that can be done. The fool should try something fun and challenging when they move. Try something that you would normally be afraid of, an inversion of some kind, balance, something playful.

Here is a five minute sequence I made for fools!

The Key Pose is Awkward Pose because being the Fool can be awkward, but it's all about balance and strength.


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