Intuitive Self-Care with Tarot: The Hierophant

Knowledge is the intermediary between us and our divinity, our sacred. Or rather if the word sacred or divine don't suit you, knowledge is the intermediary between us and our greatest, highest self. It is the intermediary between us and our freedom. Everything comes from something. Even art. Art takes it place amongst the movements and zeitgeist of our time. It is influenced by something or someone always. I see teachers, healers and guides as interpreters. I hope to be that for those who work with me. We interpret the unseen in each other. We interpret the confusion and clear up the road. We interpret the depths and make them accessible. Teachers, healers and others can be givers of this knowledge, but it's up to us to let it sink in and make it our own...eventually, but we first respect, learn, be grateful for what has come before us. Our freedom is a remix of what has come before us. The Hierophant shows us the ways.

The Hierophant

The Hierophant.JPG


Number: Five

Chakras: Root and Third Eye

Mantras for The Hierophant


Honoring your past Journaling Exercise:

If you have journals available from the past read them. Try to read them as if they are someone elses. Read them objectively, but let them teach you. See yourself as you teacher. See yourself without judgement. Do not glorify it, nor try to hide from it in shame, merely learn. 

If you do not have a ridiculous amount of journals stacked away like I do, I get it, so you will instead think about the past. Start with what whatever time you are drawn to and write a journal entry from that place. Embody this era, the person you were, the worries, the joys all of it. 

Maybe do both of these exercises on different days.  

When you finish with this exercise, pull out a quote or two and post it somewhere. Be inspired by your own past. 

Honoring Your Teachers Altar:

Think about people fictitious, real, dead, alive, in your life or not who are your teachers. These are people who have inspired you and who you would want to continue learning from. Create an altar of sorts either tangibly or digitally on Pinterest or some other platform featuring all of your teachers.

Here is an exercise working with these teachers:

Who Are Your Teachers Tarot Spread: 

Who is My Teacher spread by Rosemary Barria

Who is My Teacher spread by Rosemary Barria