Intuitive Self-Care with Tarot: The Wheel of Fortune

Right now many of us are feeling the wheel of fortune...well disfortune in our home country. The United States is seemingly full of violence and chaos. Hurricanes and fires rip through homes. It all seems hopeless. It seems like we are spinning around this wheel, being tossed around a sea of what’s next. Am I going to fill this space speaking to you with words of hope? I wish I could do that so easily. I’m feeling just as hopeless and doomed as you are in this moment. I’m thinking of this word “hope” I used to roll my eyes at such things I saw engraved in stones or on t shirts. What the hell is there to be hopeful about? So I dug into definitions and found one that is sort of helping me...hope is a feeling of in a trust in oneself...of one’s divinity. Hope is to intend if possible to do something.

As in I hope to…

intend if possible…

to do something.

So the Wheels asks us in circumstances now, what is possible?

First though, the Wheel asks us for acceptance of any situation. It does not ask us to deny it or to fix it, but to accept. It asks us how we can shift with changes and be transformed. It asks us to tap into divine order and divine chaos. It asks us to look in fate’s face. The face can look wretched and terrifying, but looking directly at it is like shining a light in a dark it a pile or clothes or a monster? Maybe it really is a monster, but what good will hiding from it do?  The Wheel does not ask us to love and light pain away. On the contrary it asks us to sit with it, tend to it and let it be. It asks to be silent when we need to be silent. It asks us to scream or to cry or to laugh. It asks us to feel. Then it asks us what now? What is possible?

Steps to dealing with Wheel of Fortune Moments


  1. React. Scream, allow feelings, cry, numb out. Do what is natural. In times of real chaos and destruction, we have every right to victims. We have every right to feel like the world is against us. Sometimes anger is the only possible reaction. On the other side of it, have you ever met a real life Eeyore? They refuse to see anything good or be happy? Or they are waiting for doom...I sure have...I've been that person, so I have to mention this too...allow yourself some happiness.

  2. Accept. Sometimes accepting what is, is the most crucial step. We can hang out here for quite some time and that is perfectly ok. Accept eventually the situation, however long it takes. Swallow the reality of it. This does not mean we lack grief or we are not still afraid, rather it means we know what really is and we may be ready to move forward.

  3. Act. What is possible now? Moving forward looks different for all situations. Your action may look like purposeful silence, contemplation or rest. It could look like starting a movement. It could be anything small or grand. It is basically dealing. It’s being aware. It’s moving beyond reaction. It’s moving past mere acceptance. It’s moving into…”ok so that happened, what do I do now?” The past has a way of gripping us as protector, but also as enemy if we allow it. 

  4. Gratitude. Sometimes some of us get so used to shit happening to us, we almost live our lives waiting for the next bad thing. We ignore the good. Victimhood is actually safer for some of us than risking disappointment. In times of tragedy, chaos and destruction gratitude may be farthest from our minds, but I’ve seen people suffer great tragedy and be grateful. It’s baffling and inspiring. No need to rush it though but gratitude is powerful! Just as powerful as everyone says!  Dig for gratitude every day when you can. I have a practice of checking my bank account everyday, and write what I am grateful for as I look through my bills. I used to avoid checking my account after years of being poor and sometimes I still get stressed out, but the gratitude for electricity or the coffee I had with a friend that money bought has been really been helping me not get panicked about money (usually unnecessarily).

  5. Reflect. Hardship is a teacher. I have been guilty of saying “I’m broke” or “there’s nothing to eat in this house” even recently. It disgusts and shames me to admit that to you. In my best moments, I catch myself and take a good look at the actual situation. Maybe I’m not broke like really but I mismanaged my money this week. Maybe I just don’t feel like cooking. After that,  I think back on times when I actually was broke and poor, times where I literally could not afford to eat. Poverty in my childhood and as a young adult taught me to be grateful and to be scrappy as hell when I remember where I came from. What can you learn from your hardships?  Hardship will always be part of us, but eventually it would benefit us to work through it so it does not become us. 

The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune from Motherpeace

Element: Fire
Number: Ten
Chakra: Root and Solar Plexus

Mantras for The Wheel of Fortune:

Use the Following Spread as A Tarot Spread and Journaling Prompts. If you don't have a tarot deck, just journal on these questions:


Tarot Spread for Wheel of Fortune Moments