Intuitive Self-Care with Tarot: The High Priestess

To me being empowered means that you are tapped into your intuition and act from that intuition. That is what I desire to teach most of all and not from a place of where I am perfectly in touch with my intuition 100 percent of the time...but from a place where I realize the importance of intuition. I realize the importance of creating your own path, regardless of what anyone thinks, regardless of what you have been told you are supposed to do since you were young; regardless of anything.  The first blog I wrote here was my story, so I won't go into too much detail here. I will say though that being empowered spiritually is so important to me and so important for me to teach. I think our greatest lessons are also what we are here to teach and this has been my greatest lesson. 

I have always been passionate about making an impact in the world, to truly help people. I have been an activist since I was probably 10 years old (think Lisa Simpson...except I played the clarinet). I have also been a creator since a young age...mostly a writer, but I never thought that was like something I could really do to support myself. I got a job doing social work when I was like 20, but I was not happy because of course the creative part of me was not engaged. So out of nowhere, I started applying to art schools and got into the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Going to art school was one of the most selfish things I had ever done I thought then but it's what I truly wanted to do.  I was surrounded by other kids who had never been poor or hungry or it seemed taught to be practical.  How could I think this was ok? Eventually I started making art that was more socially engaged, I guess you could call it social sculpture to excuse myself.

BUT again, I couldn't support myself making art or curating shows at my level anyway, so I got scared into submission and went to nursing school and then found public health. It was a safer and less selfish route I thought. This was a fear based decision. I was going to work for a nonprofit and help women in some way. That seemed noble. I felt though the whole time that I was playing a role....a role I could certainly fulfill, but not me.

Then I was on bed rest 27 weeks pregnant trying to graduate from school and I succeeded. But when my son was born and after we got him home after 40 days in the hospital, my intuition began nagging me. It's like it got dusted off my the birth process and I could hear so clearly that trying to find a job in a non profit was not the right route.  I in my gut knew I had to be authentic to myself and free myself from expectations of myself and others and expectations of what it meant to truly help others in my own way.  I wanted to be a good example to my son, authentic, free and full of integrity.  Starting a business, marketing, all the weird stuff that goes along with starting a business was not what I thought I would be doing to make an impact in this world. It again seemed selfish like making art seemed selfish BUT my intuition was SO loud. This was the next move and I am listening. I don't feel as selfish anymore. I work with people like me who want to make an impact in the world. They have really big hearts like I do, really big vision, but they feel like they lack permission to do whatever the hell they want. I happily take on the role of permission giver, to hold space until people can give themselves permission. When we listen to our intuition ideas of what we truly want and how to get it shift and usually it's very different than we imagined and usually it's better because it's rooted in who we really are. I want to truly to make an impact in the world and this is the way I'm doing it and I know more will come as I continue to listen.

Intuition is empowerment. Intuition gives us permission if we listen. 

The High Priestess is the gate keeper. She is you giving you access to all the knowledge that is kept deep inside. If you allow yourself to look behind the curtain, if you give yourself permission, what could happen? You can get help from us teachers, guides, healers, but you know what...we are only there to support you. The true wisdom...that's all you. I say in my readings often...that YOU KNOW...because you do. All that wisdom is there for you to access and sure you may not know now, but acting on what pieces you know liberates more wisdom. Are you brave enough to ask her, to ask you wha you truly want?

“I believe in intuitions and inspirations...I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am.” 
― Albert Einstein

Element: Water

Number: 2

Chakras: Crown and Anja

Mantras for The High Priestess:

I truly believe we are all intuitive and that it is a skill we can build like anything else. I believe that intuition is ultimately about self-trust.

Ways to Build Intuition:

1. Be in Silence more often. I believe (and many studies have proven) that meditation changes our brain and betters our lives. Having a daily meditation practice is like training wheels for life and decision making. When we are in silence clutter in our head eventually orders itself and decisions become easier. I know on days where I prioritize silence things don't seem as stressful. My dog's bark isn't so loud. My toddler's newest chaos is mostly funny. Most importantly decisions come easier to me. So magic aside meditation helps you be more clear to you. Your intuition has space to breath and to exist and to inform your life.

2. Say yes and say no more often. Intuition speaks in tiny tiny ways sometimes. Sometimes I will get this nudge to change my walking route for instance. I always listen to these little nudges now. I didn't always used to. My intuition screamed at me to stay away from a person, but having no proof on why I didn't listen. I paid dearly for this. So now I say no pretty easily. I say yes too. Sometimes it gets confusing on what is intuition really, but the only way to get more clear is to practice. So say yes and say no and see what happens.

3. Journal. Do I say this every week? Probably. That's because I think the pen is a seriously magical tool. I've journaled since I was a young child and sometimes I have read the words that have come out and they are so wise...they don't even seem like my words. When we put pen to paper, we let go of inhibitions usually and another part of us is allowed to shine through. To me that is our intuition. This is how Tarot works to me also. It's getting a part of ourselves out of the way, so that a hidden part can come through. The part that sits behind the High Priestess; the part of ourselves unseen, unheard but full of possibility.

4. Tarot or Oracle. Of course right? And here is a spread for you to play with. Remember if you don't have tarot or oracle cards, use these as journaling prompts:

Tarot Spread for The High Priestess