Tarot + Ritual for Spiritual Empowerment

 Tarot Mentoring is super hands on!

Tarot Mentoring is super hands on!


Tarot is a powerful tool…

Tarot and Ritual are amazing tools and I have known that for a while. For a while I kept these practices separate from my professional life, but these tools are way too powerful to remain in the closet. If you are looking for a PDF, video or audio tarot reading this is the place. I also offer specific mentoring where tarot and ritual are the main focus. These are usually seasonal offering while my Holistic Life Coaching sessions are permanent. 

Often times you just want a tarot reading with clear direction, but something I do that I think is special is that I also offer tarot exercises and ritual infused mentoring with the cards. You will get your hands all over the cards and we will can do letting go what you don't want, bringing in what you want and anything else you need. These sessions are symbolic but also empowering. We always follow up with a bit of Reiki. Tarot readings are also infused with Reiki. 

I believe fully in accessibility. If you are in a tough financial situation please reach out, particularly if you are single parent, have a chronic illness, or any other reason that makes it tough for you to make a living. I am willing to trade, do sliding scale or  even do a full scholarship to my course.