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You know you want something more but you don't know quite what it is or more have a little glimpse of what it is but you need a little more clarification?

I have been pursuing this work for over a year now. What's funny is before I started working with people helping them clarify their visions, live their lives boldly and pursue their healing journey, I was headed down a very safe path or rather several paths living in fear and confusion. I always knew I was different and that I wanted more but I never knew what.

I was always a good student. I was always the good employee. I was always the striver...the worker bee...the perfectionist...the reluctant leader. But I had never been happy in my work. I knew from my gut that I never wanted to work for someone else's vision again but I just dreamed.

When my son was born something in me KNEW I HAD TO CHANGE. So I started bringing my spiritual practice to the forefront. I got some training and I started helping friends...then I formed a business.

And not to feels damn good to step into work that I KNOW I should be doing and that I KNOW I am good at. It's still growing but I KNOW this is what I should be doing. And I am learning so much and that may be one of biggest loves...learning.  

I could almost cry with gratitude and I have. I wanted CLARITY for SO LONG. I sought and sought and sought. I tried so many different things. All are lessons of course, but to have this knowing I am on the right path...I sure didn't think I would ever have that.

As I have worked with people this year I have seen people leave toxic relationships, invest in their self-love journey and all of them have begun pursuing paths in their careers that they are passionate about. I work with some bold people! And I cannot take the credit for their boldness...but I cannot help but wonder if my work is to listen and to inspire boldness. It keeps happening, so I decided to formalize it a bit.

I am looking for people who want to work through their visions and find some boldness to get some clarity. Because yep you have that vision inside of you. It may be confusing. It may be afraid to come out. THE CLARITY IS IN THERE.

During our time together we will do lots of talking, use tarot, energy work, boldness exercises, ritual and you will have my support throughout the week. I work with people in Kansas City and online. This will be an intense six weeks, but I am sure you are ready. We will start with a free 30 minute consult to make sure!

My sessions are $75 an hour or $400 (Save $50).

*I will have sliding scale available, so please don't let something like money stop you from getting some clarity*