I’ve been going through a lot of mental hardship lately. I was wanting to get any sort of guidance to help myself when Rosemary showed up. I went into the session with an open mind but without expectations having not gone through tarot or Reiki before. I was absolutely amazed with how the results came out. Afterward, I felt centered and felt like I had a clearer mindset.
She was very easy to work with, as she is calm and understanding, not pushing you to open up, therefore makes you want to. I feel that that is the main reason I was able to get the reading I did.
While doing it over video chat may not be for everyone, I feel like it could have a great impact on anyone who is homebound, or just doesn’t have the schedule to be able to get out of the house for an hour and a half.
Thank you again. It made me realize the magic isn’t lost
— Brea
What Rosemary was able to provide in 90 minutes went above and beyond anything I could have expected. In the time spent with her we were able to really dig deep into aspects of my business and family life. I was so amazed at the things that just kept coming up. Her intuition is on point. Ninety minutes was perfect. We were not rushed and we covered A LOT. PLUS, I did not have to leave my house! AND, she set it up in a way that allowed me to completely focus on the meeting because soon after our meeting she provided the most amazing recap report documenting everything we discussed, and provided the video to go along with it!
— Jolene Gail
I had my first holistic healing session with Rosemary Barria today and I feel amazing afterward! She used tarot, yoga and reiki to help me gain insight and clarity on some issues in my life that have been causing me anxiety and stress. I highly recommend Rosemary! Her intuition and guidance helped me so much in my first session, I can’t wait to go back!
— Candice
Rosemary is compassionate and intuitive and I so appreciate her guidance.
— Sarah
The reading accurately recognized points of discourse in some of my current projects, and guided me towards possible solutions. I think she’s very intuitive and has an obvious gift. Her reading was intensive without being vague or too broad. Highly recommend.
— Layne
I have never had a tarot reading before and didn’t know what to expect. It turned out to be very accurate and insightful. I am excited to travel a better journey with this help. Highly recommend.
— Shannon
Rosemary was very intuitive and provided me with detailed information about myself that was on point.  The reading gave me some practical things to do to assist me in reaching my goals and overcoming my obstacles.
— LaDonna