Embody Your Dreams:
Five Days of Block Breaking Rituals to Make Room for
Your Life Purpose!

Do you feel like  Can't get clarity on what you should be doing in life?

You know deep in your bones that there's more and

you are tired of being repressed.

Do you feel like IT is right around the corner?

Your vision...

Your True Life Purpose...

Your life the way you dream it to be...

Your highest self...

Your dreams are there and they are clear...they just need liberating. 

And you are the liberator.



Your intuition is trying to tell you something but there is too much in the way to hear.

Common things in the way are:

  • Negative thoughts

  • Busyness

  • Perfectionism

  • Comparison

And by creating space through ritual you commit to listening. 
And when you do commit...clarity is right around the corner. 

What is Life Purpose?

Life Purpose is living your life intentionally by your rules and bringing your special medicine to the world. By affecting the microcosm, starting with ourselves I believe we can revolutionize the world and solve big problems! Everyone has special medicine to bring to their world. It all matters. It's all in intent.

The opposite?

Living without purpose is just skating by taking whatever is presented to you. Life might be pretty boring and maybe even pretty easy...except you are unfulfilled. You likely know there is more to life and that you have more to bring. If you are reading this there is likely a deep gnawing that you want more. We are all good at many things...that doesn't mean it's our life purpose. Life purpose is that BIG scary but exciting feeling you get when you do something. That thing you thought was just for you...that might just be it. And YES you can have lot of purposes. The main purpose is listening and then acting. 


There is a dormant you ready to come forward.

Are you ready to make room for what you deserve?

You deserve to go back to school and pursue that degree you didn't think you were good enough for.

You deserve to have the relationship and family you thought you would never have.

You deserve to give up that degree you know isn't for you.
You deserve to give up that shitty relationship and find something better.

You deserve to live intentionally.

You deserve to bring your medicine and to call yourself a healer.

Because YOU ARE. 


This challenge only costs your deep commitment for FIVE Days.


It doesn't have to be complicated and hard so we won't make it hard.

I truly believe transformation comes from tiny commitments we make daily.

Do you have five days to Get past Your Blocks and to some Clarity?

Hello by the way! I'm Rosemary and I am an Intuitive Life Coach. I am passionate about helping people find their own healing and then bring it to others.

I believe the microcosm of healing, starting with ourselves revolutionizes the macrocosm in powerful ways.   

I spent YEARS stuck and unsure of myself. I searched and searched some more until I decided to invest in deep self-work first and then BAM clarity.

I learned how to listen to myself. 

You know how they say love finds you when you are doing things like working on yourself and not forcing...that's how my calling found me.

So I became deeply committed to this work and am so grateful for clarity . I believe that investing in ourselves is the path to purpose...not the other way around. You are worthy now...not when you make it to a certain place. And when I realized that everything got clear and it was a huge relief. I use lots of modalities but the ritual is the web that holds it together. 


This challenge will help you:

  • Get clarity on your big dreams.

  • Break past years old blocks keeping you from living your life.

  • Become confident in taking the next step. 

    Kind Words: 

    " I had my first session with Rosemary today and feel amazing afterward! She used yoga and reiki to help me gain insight and clarity on some issues in my life that have been causing me anxiety and stress." Candice, Yoga Teacher, Animal Activist and Future Nurse

    "What Rosemary was able to provide was beyond anything I could have expected. In the time we spent we were able to dig really deep into aspects of my business and family life. I was so amazed at the things that just kept coming up." Jolene, Commercial Real Estate Agent and Mother

    "I've been going through a lot of mental hardship lately. I was wanting to get any sort of guidance to help myself. I went in with an open mind without expectations having not experienced Tarot or Reiki before. I was absolutely amazed with how the results came out. Afterward, I felt centered with a clearer mindset" Brea, Salon Owner and Fur Mother


What to Expect:

  • Daily rituals sent right to your email.

  • A workbook with journaling prompts and more.

  • Audio Guided Rituals and Meditations

You Ready?