The Body is a Teacher

When I first started on the journey to ease the symptoms of Bipolar 2 I didn’t even know that I was doing that. I didn’t even know that I had Bipolar 2 but I know now that humans are always trying to ease their pain whether we do it in harmful or helpful ways. All I knew is that I was desperate to feel better. I tried drinking heavily, being a perfect student, eating perfectly and I always wrote. When I look back on what I wrote I was in serious emotional pain.

I found a yoga class by accident at the art school I was attending. It felt magical and for a moment...60 moments I felt right. I have had a long trip with yoga and my path changed throughout the years but something it always did was set me back into myself and provide me relief. I learned that the body and mind are really not separate things and please note I am not saying that people should not take medications or that a brisk walk will cure depression. What I am saying is that the body and mind are so powerfully connected that it only amplifies our healing if we listen.  Yoga and other movement practices really do ease depression and anxiety. Science is finally proving what many of us had experienced.

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It rewires our brain. It gives an output for excessive energy and it activates low energy. Yoga was a portal for me to dive deep in what the body could tell me about my emotions and how it could heal me but I did not stop there.

I met my first coach in a group on Facebook when she was doing these energy readings through kinesiology. I was skeptical...very skeptical but finding myself lost again and so curious I joined the conversation. She read my energy and it felt so accurate so  I attended one of her workshops and then signed up to work with her in her healing program.

Working with her changed my life.

It wasn’t instantaneous though. Even when during our session I didn’t feel anything. I was worried I had wasted time and money, though I really liked Jesse! After our first session I walked away at a loss but 30  minutes later I was in the bathtub and crying. I was very uncomfortable with crying back then but there I was. A visual came to mind of all my body shame washing down the drain. Whatever she did worked!

From that point on I did not feel the need to lose weight or go on extreme diets. I cannot explain it but after years of doing things like counting almonds that I was allowed to eat for the day and weighing myself incessantly, I was healed seemingly overnight. I still don’t get how it happened so quickly but I finally got it. I rarely slip back into these thought patterns. I have never dieted since. Jesse helped me realize that I am a healer too and helped me on the road to being a recovering perfectionist. She inspired me to do this work for others. I was so inspired and changed that I had to share it, but in my own way.

So I got certified to teach yoga and I began bringing my witchy spiritual practice out of the closet and I began helping people with Tarot as well. As I started reading Tarot for people I found that in some cases the cards opened up so much that I felt I should do something else for the people I read for, so I started adding Reiki. The first client that I did Reiki with slept for 16 hours afterward...her body and mind finally resting. I had another client whose sleep paralysis stopped because of working with Reiki. I don’t get how all time but it works.

Taken at  Sarah Preu’s  Reiki workshop

Taken at Sarah Preu’s Reiki workshop

And it isn’t about me...the only thing I do is hold the space for the client’s healing to activate. The energy and the love are fully available. I get Reiki from people like Sarah Preu who has taught me that love multiplies and that it isn’t limited. Energy is endless when we let it work.

As my autoimmune disease began to take over my body, yoga became less and less accessible. I once again had to listen to what my body needed.  I found even more power in these energy work modalities. More on my autoimmune stuff some other’s still kind of a raw subject for me!

I wanted to expand my practice and find a bridge between mentoring, yoga, reiki and tarot.I was looking at somatic studies but it didn’t seem quite right. I also didn’t want to go to graduate school...yet anyway. One night I stumbled across a demonstration on Emotional Body Mapping and I messaged the creator, Brook Woolf immediately.

I was also happened to be a typical healer going completely broke while trying to help others and was really desperate to figure that out. When I learned that she could both help me with my business and my new diagnosis of autoimmune and my desire to deepen my work with other, I hired her immediately. I learned Emotional Body Mapping and am starting to add it to my work with others and it’s pretty exciting, so I wanted to share more about it.

So yes it is a magical practice but what is it?

Emotional Body Mapping is a beautiful cohesive healing modality that takes from Brook’s years of experience in several modalities stemming from her roots a a massage therapist. Emotional Body Mapping treats pain as a messenger and that by reading pane you can get to emotional issues. As all things I have tried yoga, kinesiology, reiki and now this I was skeptical but I am always curious.

Experience proves to be stronger than my skepticism.

Emotional Body Mapping unlocked some really old memories in my body tied to being poor and since I have worked with Brook I have started making a living while still feeling good about charging for my work. She totally flipped my perception and helped me tap into something seemingly ancient.

It rewired my perception and unlocked my potential.

As I have started bringing this into my professional practice I was worried it would trigger people too much and yes while the work can bring up painful memories, she has a system to work through it. Everyone I have worked with thus far has said they feel incredibly peaceful afterward and that is causes a release of pain. When I add Reiki, Yoga and Tarot to it becomes some deep af work but safe too! It’s a big reason I only work with 4 people at time because I want to invest deeply. Brook helped me realize that I don’t need to see a million people at time to help and make a living. Much of my flare ups from autoimmune were from a mismanagement of energy and this work unlocked why I was doing that and helped me solve it.

Emotional Body Mapping really is for everyone and I am so glad I found it.  The body can teach us what we need on all levels. Emotional Body Mapping is a powerful tool for ourselves, healers, yoga teachers, reiki practitioners, massage therapists, counselors and coaches. I cannot speak of it highly enough.

The body is a teacher and that’s what Brook teaches in her work.

Brook has a DIY program running right now where you can learn how to use it for yourself and others. I highly recommend it! If you want to see it and hear more she has a FREE 6 part Webinar in her group which you can join HERE!

Outline of the Emotional Body Mapping Program

Outline of the Emotional Body Mapping Program