The Embodied Healer: Healing Happens Now and Here And Again And With Each Other

“healing the microcosm heals the macrocosm” rosemary barria

“healing the microcosm heals the macrocosm” rosemary barria

I disagree that we have to fully be “healed” before helping one another. We apply this linear process to healing like one day we will arrive. Yes, you arrive but then you arrive again and yet again. You will not one day be good enough and healed. You are good enough and healing now. Healing happens on a continuum and in a practice of showing up. We’ll never be done and that is what is beautiful about it. We grow into ourselves and each other beautifully. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to stop your life to heal. Healing happens in real life. We are plenty of use to each other while we figure this out, so we don’t need to step out of society to do this work.

The clients I see are high achievers with big dreams that are used to having their shit together and holding other’s shit together. They are doing plenty of healing work, though they don’t call it that usually. They are artists, teachers, social workers, parents, yogis, and lots of other helpful things. They help and usually a lot. Underneath that drive to help and make the world a better place, is a dread that they will somehow fail their vision and those in their care. It is so heavy and painful. I lived it.

People like us want to show up and check “healing” off our list. It’s hard for us not to complicate things and to release control. The key is in the showing up and to allow the falling apart while being held. The falling apart is crucial for us high achiever helper types. Releasing control is in allowing for what needs to happen, to happen. It’s in, for once, being the one to be held and supported in a safe space.

For a while, even the first year of doing this work, I didn’t have anyone hold anything for me. I felt lonely, but “kept it together” for those in my care. I eventually got sick. My body screamed at me to please support her. I now have a team, hired and not. (In all fairness, I got sick for MANY reasons, but this stress of isolation didn’t help). I got support again and again. I have a team of friends, other healing workers, and my partner. I refuse to try this alone ever again. I have found these connections absolutely critical for healing. The self-made anything is an absolute myth. Don’t fall for it. There is little hierarchy to healing. It is a network.

Healing is happening there, as you sit, as you decide to show up. Healing is happening now, this very second. Healing happens again and again. Healing is an iteration. Healing is happening. As you heal, you heal your community.

Our healing happens with each other.

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