The Embodied Healer: Tarot as Map for Healing

Healing is such a vast concept and in order to be successful it can be really helpful to map it out. By successful, I mean to see results, feel better and transmute yourself. When we map our healing we aren’t necessarily trying to control it, instead we are seeing what’s ahead. The way we get there, the journey, can vary a lot! That is the fun and beautiful part of healing.

We can map our journey in many ways but when I work with others and myself, my main way of mapping is starting with the mind and using Tarot. We feel safest starting with talking and thinking before we get into the often more difficult emotional processing. This also allows for a conversation to really discuss goals and if you are doing this on your own, it allows for you to get a clear picture of what your focus could be right now. We all have a lot going on, but when you map it, you might find a similar root.

In my Embodied Healer Program we do a five card reading called the Core Reading and I will be sharing it with you here!

CORE Tarot Spread by Rosemary Barria

CORE Tarot Spread by Rosemary Barria

The Core Reading

  1. Your Goal- In our sessions we use an Oracle Deck for this but you can use at Tarot deck or even write your goal on an index card and put it in the center. This is picked face up and maybe logically, though sometimes your intuition will have you come up with something that might not click right away. Allow for that to happen!

  2. What Cycle are You Coming From?-Here you pick a Tarot Card (or Oracle) face down to give light to the strengths, the work that you have done and the pain points you are bringing with you. We examine the strength and weakness you bring to the work you are about to do. Most things have two sides if not more and we examine that.

  3. What Needs Attention to Reach Your Goal?-I often call this card, the shadow card because it might bring up something you aren’t aware. Pick the card here face down with intention. This will show the more challenging work you will do, but it takes a few weeks when you work with me to get to this work. This should provide a sense of preparation which provides a sense of safety knowing what is ahead.

  4. Advice from Your Higher Self-In my sessions I pick a Tarot Teacher for you from the Major Arcana. Don’t worry, you don’t have to understand what that is! The important thing is to kind of work from the outside in. We look at ourselves from the outside and this makes it easier to tap into our intuitive power. This is fairly complicated so deserves it’s own blog post, which is on it’s way! So for now, just pull a basic card asking for advice. You can ask whatever, whoever you want. I have just found “higher self” to be the most accessible.

  5. A Vision of Who You Are Becoming-This is the part of the map that shows the outcome of the work. For my sessions, this is 9 weeks usually of where the client is headed. It is the vision that will keep the work worth it. It is the light at the end of the tunnel. In my sessions, we dream of this work and do body work to feel it in the body.

My process for working with others is super integrative, but by starting with the mind and analysis it creates safety. I have found that by making the work collaborative right from the start it creates a sense of responsibility and autonomy. In our sessions, it is not me giving a reading it but more of a conversation. The client’s interpretation and mine working together to form a way of seeing. If this kind of work sounds exciting to you, then book a free consult or learn more about the Embodied Healer Program HERE!