10 Ways to Become Spiritually Empowered


Hacking your spirituality is one of the most bad ass punk things you can do. Spirituality does not look a certain way. It also does not inherently mean putting crystals in your bra and chanting, though I am a big fan of chanting and boob awareness. Spiritual empowerment also does not exclude religion. This point may seem obvious but how many times have you heard “I’m spiritual, not religious” . On the other side of it religion is not inherently spiritual. Lots of people have religion and no real spiritual awareness.

So what do I mean by spiritual empowerment? It’s a desire to be conscious of what is going on inside of you. It matters not what you call that inside...soul, spirit, divine badass ass or your actualized self. Above all it’s your inner truth. It’s what drives your decisions, your desires. It’s that thing that tells you yes or no on something or someone. It’s listening to your gut, your intuition. I doubt many would argue that this is important to them. It’s important work this self work thing.

 So here we go….how can we get there?

 The following are tools but any tool we  use should empower us. It should remind you of your own power and the amazement of the world around us. Spiritual Empowerment should not be dependent on anyone or any ritual. These things should never be something you check off your list. The practice should work for you. It’s an awareness of what lights you up and what doesn’t and knowing that this can change. When we empower ourselves, we empower each other.

  1. Find some SOLITUDE  in your life...like yeah even away from your phone. I actually need solitude every single day. You don’t have to do anything special, just be by yourself. There is this thing called an artist date that Julia Cameron talks about in the Artist’s Way .  You schedule time once a week to do anything you want, usually to ignite creativity. It is something I would love to incorporate in my life more for sure.

  2. MEDITATE. Meditation  is not just sitting crossed legged. It can be walking or even taking a bath. One thing I find to be a common thread in most meditation is focusing on your breath and not much else. I post 5 minute or less meditations pretty regularly if you need some help here!

  3. Spend time with others, practice CONNECTEDNESS by talking about awkward things. Exploring with others can be challenging and fun. Talk to others to remind you that you are not alone. I actually am not going to say that this should be in real life versus the internet. The internet is amazing for support. I would argue has saved lives by creating safe spaces for people who don't have them. Yet, I will say there is something about looking in someone’s eyes that is magical.

  4. MOVEMENT practice such as yoga, qoya, or running are a great way to get out of that head. I don’t know where my mind would be without doing some movement everyday. My favorites are yoga (of course) and walking. I used to be a pretty intense exerciser but I have found that these are best for my mind and body. Once in awhile, if I am exceptionally hyper you may see me running with a dog and a baby around my hood or doing burpees and kettlebells. Even this kind of movement can be meditative if done with that intent.

  5. Journaling, WRITING morning pages, and automatic writing can be a powerful practices. I have found that things come out on paper that I had no idea were in my head and heart. We hold onto so much throughout the day and not just anxieties, but amazing ideas, solutions.

  6. It’s no secret that I believe TAROT and oracle cards are a powerful tool to help you increase your intuition. I do not think you even need to believe in magic per say to use them. They can reflect what is inside of you and get to something beyond words. I don’t know how it works, but it does. I would say 95% of people I have worked with have never used tarot or oracle cards. Yet, each of them would tell you they have gotten a lot out of it. Plus there are some fun and beautiful decks out there to enjoy.

  7. Sometimes, my thoughts are loud so instead of meditating in a quiet way, I learned CHANT or sing instead. Now I do both or either depending on the day. My voice is not great, but in two minutes I get pretty clear in the head. The anxiety is not so strong and my inner voice is more clear. If you don’t know any chants and want to try one, chant OM. It may feel weird at first but something about it is magic.

  8. Get reiki or other HEALING from a professional. This is another thing that I have no idea how it works. I got attuned in Reiki I and my mind still can’t comprehend how it works. During my experience things happened that I cannot explain. I also understood interconnectedness through my experience. Regardless, reiki, massage or other bodywork can at the very least force us to relax and be still. The can allow us to quiet our mind and find clarity.

  9. EXPERIENCE new things, take risks, learn from others. Go to what interests you, even if you don’t understand why. When you are drawn to things, this is your inner voice talking to you. You may just have fun doing whatever you are drawn to or it may completely change your path.

  10. Become a WITCH. By that I mean create your own path. By witch I do not mean wiccan or any other path. I mean a person who identifies as responsible for their own healing. It’s the ultimate spiritual hack. Identifying this way isn’t for everyone, but hacking spirituality sure can be. After all we are talking about spiritual empowerment here.

So again don’t think you have to do everything or anything on this list to achieve spiritual empowerment. I mean that would be ironic right?