About Me

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I'm Rosemary. I always wanted more.

I always wanted to help and to make a difference. Like most people I know I had this deep need to be fulfilled and to do something to aid all the horrible things in the world. I tried on so many hats desperately seeking to find the one that would fit me specifically. All the while I was investing in myself in other ways through meditation, yoga, tarot, and ritual but I didn't think those things were for anyone else. I went to a prestigious art school no one thought I had a chance of getting into. I dropped out because of money. All the while I found myself in bad relationships, addicted to numbing myself and lost but I didn't think it mattered. I fluxed from deep reverance for self through my practices to deep self hatred through my numbing practices.

I decided I would try to be a nurse. I mean that helped people. It wasn't a good fit for me so I found a pathway to Public Health which I still love today. All the while I was pregnant and throwing up for nearly the entire short pregnancy but that wasn't my real work. Once I had him I thought would go right into grad school to collect yet more validation.  

My water broke at 27 weeks and my baby was born 3 months early.

It was terrifying but things like my yoga and breath practice, intentional thinking provided us such a positive experience. Sure there were tears and melt downs but people noted how peaceful we were. These practices had taught me coping.

We came home and I felt this deep desire to invest in myself again as I poured everything I had into this new life. It came out of nowhere and at an odd time but it was clear as day that I had to fight for myself as much as I was fighting for my child. 

And then clarity.

Those practices I did behind closed doors, my coping devices...what if they could help other people? So I started investing in my practices even more deeply and started working with people little by little until I realized that this is my work.

What if my real work is being a advocate, a healer and what if this mothering thing is real work?

(It is)

Clarity came when I truly invested in myself not with me researching endlessly on the internet or asking career counselors what I should do or when I cried desperate to know.

Clarity came at the oddest time but it came because I was ready and invested in myself not an outcome. 

And when it came it was much simpler than I thought it would be.

Official Bio:

I am  really into helping people be as awesome as they can be, full of love for themselves and boldness in life. I am an unapologetic feminist and this informs all of my work as does my experience. I graduated with Bachelors in Public Health and focused all of my projects on women’s health. This is  where I donate my money and my extra time. I am a supporter and donate money to organizations fighting for trans inclusive women's health, specifically for women of color because it is an atrocity. This desire also comes from my unfortunate experience in the health care system.

I am a Certified Holistic Life Coach, which umbrella's the rest of my work.  I am passionate about disrupting the hierarchy found within the healer community at times and strive to never fix or think I am fixing. I see my work with clients as a collaboration and I see myself as an interpreter, advocate and translator for their intuition.

I have studied yoga deeply for over 15  years  but I am not too fancy of a yogini. You won't see me on cliffs doing headstands. Instead I use yoga to keep myself from numbing out and to feel my feelings fully. Yoga taught me to cry and to be angry and to cope. I studied Vinyasa and Women's Yoga at Devi Yoga for Women and am certified 200 RYT.

I am also a Reiki practitioner and am on the path to becoming a master. I consider myself a witch and tarot and ritual are major parts of my work. Where the coaching is the umbrella, tarot is the metal underneath holding it all up.

I am always learning and always bringing in what I learn into my practice. There is no one size fits all and my work is highly customized. I used to think that my desire to collect so much knowledge was a curse but it's actually because of this work I do!

I currently live with my partner, our toddler, a loud dog and the coolest cat in Kansas City, MO.