About Me


I have FAILED a lot.

I have failed so much that after a while I DOUBTED my OWN VOICE.

Doubting began to kill my most important values...my CREATIVE FREEDOM...my AUTONOMY...my INTEGRITY. I needed AUTHENTIC CONNECTION with myself and with others and I knew it. I needed to go back to that person that would let nothing stop her.

I knew but I didn't listen, until I became pregnant and something shifted.

She, my own voice, made it undeniable that I needed to carve my own path. At a time when maybe some would say I should have been the most practical of all, I KNEW I had to listen. I started this business. 


Rosemary is really into helping people be as awesome as they can be, full of love for themselves and boldness in life. She is an unapologetic feminist and this informs all of her practices. She graduated with Bachelors in Public Health and focused all of her projects on women’s health thinking she would get a job in a nonprofit helping women. Her heart spoke to her in other ways though and she knew she would rather partner with others to help them create their own way. 

As a certified Holistic Life Coach, she looks at the whole person when partnering with them to work on transformation. As a yoga teacher she has trained to join her whole person for over 10 years.

She has studied Vinyasa and Women's Yoga at Devi Yoga for Women and is certified 200 RYT. She currently teaches with Radiant Life Project in Kansas City helping to make yoga more accessible. She lives with her partner, toddler, a loud dog and the coolest cat in a small, but not tiny house.