Hello! I’m Rosemary!

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I always wanted to make a difference.

From the time I was eight picking up litter in my neighborhood to when I was sitting in women’s studies class at age 19 realizing how disempowered women still are in society. I did a lot of seeking to where I could make a valuable difference. I went to art school in Chicago, where I thought I would fit in best, but, I still didn’t feel fully expressed. Even in one of the most prestigious art schools in the world life felt off. To make things worse, I became broke from chasing the idea that my art would resolve the void in my heart. So at age 27, I moved back to Kansas City and started to study and work in health for 10 years. I grew frustrated from dumbing myself down and taking orders while never making the change I wanted to make. I felt stuck and desperate. Nothing ever felt like the right fit to fulfill my deep passions.

When I had my baby (three months early!) I had to let my search go momentarily. I could only take care of my baby and myself. In all the tumultuousness of life what remained no matter what was my deep spiritual practice. My practice shifted in this time from becoming a way I could better myself to a way I could fully feel myself and my power. I realized that this very practice that had been there so long was the best outlet for my passion because it is really all I had ever cared about steadily and that had made me an expert though I never saw that until this moment. I finally had the clarity I had sought and it was there with me the whole time. It wasn’t outside of me, but inside of me and I knew I could take people on this journey.

I firmly believe that healing is cyclical and I do not believe in the hierarchy of healing. I believe more in all of us to individually make a difference we have to help each other out. I have learned many things but I am always humbly approaching life to learn more. I believe in the power of YOUR intuition and I believe that I can be a great support on your journey.


  • Cultivated an amazing family life.

  • Composed and directed healing art performances.

  • Certified yoga instructor and developed a deep personal practice for over 15 years studying several different lineages.

  • Has taught workshops and held healing circles that created a container for people to share with each other in a safe space.

  • Is the daughter of an immigrant and the first in her family to graduate from college.

  • Is a fierce advocate for women’s maternal health, ending the imprisonment of immigrant children, black lives matters, and mental health equity. (Not really an accomplishment but this is where my 10% goes.)

Credentials: Bachelor’s in Public Health, Certified Holistic Life Coach, 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Certified, Gifted Intuitive Tarot Practitioner.